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You get 3 free minutes upon registration, 10 minutes of tarot reading is 1.99$ after that.


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Keen is among the most popular and reliable online tarot reading sites that is used by more than 30 million people worldwide. Started back in 1999 as one of the first sites to offer tarot readings online. With over 23 years of experience, Keen has maintained a very strong reputation in the market, from providing the best services to welcoming qualified and gifted psychics. This company has hundreds of thousands of trusted and satisfied customers who have repeatedly used Keen’s platform to get tarot readings. The best thing about this website is its excellent customer service and completely transparent pricing. That means the customers never get extra charges through any hidden charges scheme. Here’s a little overview of Keen.

#1: Psychics at Keen:

Keen only welcome the most competent and talented physics to their platform to offer the best possible experience to the customer. All the expert tarot readers are independent contractors that you can book on a Keen. The user can see the user reviews and ratings on the profiles of each psychic. Keen’s system of analyzing the rating of psychics is very effective in providing the best outlook of the psychics to the customers. 

#2: Range of Services and Psychics Category: 

You can get all types of psychic services at Keen. Some of them include tarot reading, psychics reading, astrology interpretations, spiritual reading. In addition to that, the customer can take benefit from consultation through psychics and get guidance on matters related to relationship, love, career, and happiness. Many customers also use Keen to get mental peace by having a talk session with psychics. 

Around since 1999 Check out Keen’s website and see for yourself how their psychics can help you with your divination needs.

#3: Reasonable Pricing:

The best thing about Keen is its pricing and rates. While being the most popular and reliable website for more than two decades, they are still charging very economical prices from the customers. Not just that, there offer free minutes as well. All the new customers get the first three minutes of the call from their picked psychic for free. Besides that, the customer has to pay as little as $1.99 for a 10 minutes tarot reading session. Their goal is to be affordable and within reach of everyone. The pricing ranges from $1.50 dollar to $30 per minute. However, that’s completely up to the user to choose the Psychics with low or high pricing. The psychics with high ratings and reviews are usually charging high pricing. 

#4 Customer Service: 

Keen offers 9 hours of customer support. So, the customers can get assistance through an online query or direct phone call during business hours that starts from 8 am to 5 pm. The usual customer queries are related to refund. For that, the users can directly fill the online refund form available on their website. Another amazing thing is that you can download their user-friendly app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to get maximum convenience of tarot reading from your smartphone. 

#5: High Privacy Standards:

If there is anything that needs to be praised a lot is Keen’s privacy and confidentiality standards. But, some people argue on the part of their privacy policy statement where they say that the clients’ information (username and personal data) can be used for commercial and marketing activities in particular situations. This is, however, a very standard practice in patterns of privacy policies of all websites, but in the particular tarot reading, scenario customers would like to be extra assured that their sensitive discussion would not be leaked or shared with anyone. Keen has been around for more than 22 years and focuses on providing a safe haven for accepting callers as well as clients, so we believe them when they say they will not share personal data without a valid reason.


Keen is an amazing site that brings together experienced psychics and people in need of guidance. Be it a family matter, love life, finances, or career-related. You can get very insightful advice from professional psychics that are providing clarity and wise counselling. That said, take a look at Keen yourself to see all the help you can get from consulting with gifted psychics and take note of their amazing responses to specific questions!

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