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Getting a psychic reading can be one of the most comforting and enlightening experiences you will ever have. It also requires sensitive matters to be discussed, so it is crucial that you feel comfortable with the reader. On the website Oranum, free chats with psychics are being offered before you sign up for a session. This way, you can assess first if there’s a connection between you and the psychic before going any further. In addition to that, the psychics in Oranum, who underwent a screening process, specialize in a wide range of fields.

Oranum Advantages

Your psychic readings are done via a video chat, which can make you feel that you are attending an in-person reading.

  • Oranum provides free video demonstrations that can help you in getting to know the psychics.
  • You have the option to interact with the other clients in chat rooms.


Can you trust Oranum?

Most people who search for online psychic reading are concerned with trustworthiness. There are indeed a lot of psychic scams and frauds online who adversely affect the legit psychic providers and practitioners. So how can you identify the fraudulent ones and good ones?

The immediate answer is you can’t. All psychic readings are by nature, mysterious, intimate, and cannot be quantified. However, when applied to a psychic website or their psychics, there are specific criteria that can help you distinguish the crooked practices from a reliable and transparent business. Let’s then see how Oranum looks at a closer glance.

Screening the psychics?

The answer is YES. Oranum has a screening process that all psychics undergo before they are approved to work on the website. They should pass test readings and are required to give demo readings in the website’s free chat room if selected as the hour’s featured psychic. You can be the lucky customer who will get free reading during the demo videos.

Has a bio for all psychics?

Another YES for Oranum. All of their psychics have their own page where you can see the self-written description of the psychic’s background, approach, experience, specialties if any, and the languages they can speak. One fine touch is that you can look into the psychics’ character and style by watching them talk via their free live channel.

User review options?

A third YES for Oranum. If you go to each psychic’s page, you can see their star rating as well as the number of clients who reviewed them. Even though the actual reviews provided by the clients are not available, the ratings displayed in the psychics’ page varies from one to the next and are not simply 5-star ratings throughout the board.

Has community resources? 

Another big YES. Oranum has a blog page that features a vast collection of generic articles, guides, and other resources that showcase investment in the psychic community and in-depth knowledge of the field. Moreover, the company has an active Facebook page that is regularly updated with the latest posts and a good-sized community. These are great signs that Oranum is committed an engaged to their customers.

Verdict: Oranum is trustworthy.

This company met most of the standard criteria of an honest website. The missing refund or client satisfaction guarantee is saddening, but the website’s commitment to acquainting and engaging with its clients balanced it out. With psychics bio-pages where you can watch free videos before signing them up, an abundant amount of useful resources, and an up-to-date Facebook page, Oranum shows the dedication that they are involved with their community and committed to keeping their customers and visitors well-informed.

An additional note about trustworthiness

With psychic readings’ nature, it is impossible to know with 100% certainty the reader or practitioner’s legitimacy. Moreover, there are different factors that can affect each reading’s success or failure, which may not be related to the psychic’s legitimacy. That’s why you need to select a psychic that specializes in your specific need or query and clearly tell him/her your concerns and questions. In a psychic reading, there are really no black and white answers, but using specific criteria to judge online psychics can substantially increase your chance of finding the right and honest one.

Rates and special deals

The rates are set by each of the psychics. There are times that psychics will offer deals by altering or lowering their prices. 

The payment process is you will buy credits from Oranum, and use your credit balance to request and sign up in private chat sessions.

The latest offer from Oranum is you can register for free and get 9.99 free credits upon registration.

Psychics Types and Services

With Oranum, you can only get your readings through a video chat. The free public chat room is accessible to all clients, but when you purchase a reading, you are directed to a private chat room with your chosen psychic.

You will be able to see and hear your selected psychic, but you need to type all your responses. If you are using Oranum through your mobile phone, the audio will be unavailable, and all communication will be read and typed. 

Oranum offers an enormous selection of psychics and topics. The topics they offer include the following:

  • Love & relationships
  • Family & home
  • Sound healing
  • Tarot cards
  • Eastern
  • Dream meaning and interpretation
  • Palm reading
  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyance
  • Numerology

What makes Oranum unique?

Oranum’s live video chat option is what sets them apart from their competitors. Before deciding to pay for a session, the customers can get to know the psychics with the company’s hourly free demos. 

Some of the famous and most trusted psychics in Oranum develop a following, and you can interact with their regular clients through live chats. The chat rooms of Oranum have a powerful aspect to the users that sets the website apart from other psychic provider sites.

Customer support

You can contact Oranum’s customer support within 24 hours after a psychic reading if you are not satisfied with the results. If approved, you will be issued a credit that is valid for another reading. Their customer support is available via online chat, email, or phone.


Oranum provides a unique psychic reading experience to its users with its free live chat, competent psychics, and public chat rooms. You can be confident that you will find the right reader for your psychic needs since you can try out a psychic for free before agreeing to book a private session.

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