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A soul urge number reveals a person’s life’s desires and destiny. Everyone has a different number that can help you discover your life’s purpose and your goals. There is a numerology chart that reveals what your specific number could mean when it comes to your destiny. In this article we will delve into the meaning of a soul urge number. Then we will discuss how to calculate this number. Finally, soul urge number compatibility will be discussed.

Soul Urge Number Meaning

As mentioned briefly before your soul urge number identifies your destiny and desires in life. We all have different numbers because we are all different. We also all have a life path number. This life path number helps us understand our own personal journey. Then there’s the destiny number which helps us understand our individuality. The destiny number highlights why we are different from everyone else and our special attributes. 

Finally, there is the soul number which reveals what is at your core. This number tells you what your main desires and destiny is beyond the surface. When you decipher your soul urge number you will find answers that will help guide you on your own personal journey. Your soul urge number will reveal your deepest desires, your biggest dreams, and it will tell you how to achieve them. Your soul urge number will put you on the right track for overcoming difficulties and achieving everything you have ever wanted.

How to Calculate Soul Urge Number

This process is simple and can be done on your own.Take your first name and remove the consonants. All that should remain are the vowels.

Take out a numerology table to discover the value of the remaining vowels. For reference: A = 1, E = 5, I =9, O = 6, and U = 3 In some cases, Y is considered a vowel and its value is 7.

Add the value of the vowels together. Example: Brad Michael (AIAE) 1+9+1+5 =16

Then reduce to a single digit 1 + 6 = 7

Then look at the soul urge number to reveal characteristics about yourself. In this case the soul urge number would be 7 which means you are a spiritual person.

When to use “Y” as a vowelY is the only vowel sound in the syllable.

Y is placed before a vowel in another syllable and provides a vowel sound.

Soul Urge Number Compatibility

There are five core numbers in numerology which affect how compatible you will be with another person. There are three that reveal the most about your compatibility. The life path number, personality number, and soul urge number reveal the most about compatibility. 

In a relationship it would make sense that you would have similar life path goals meaning that this number should be alike to make the relationship compatible. The personality number usually affects who you will attract into your life. The soul urge number is the most important number for romantic chemistry and compatibility. The soul urge number reveals your heart’s desires which is crucial in a romantic relationship. If these are aligned, it is likely you and your partner will be compatible. If you would like to find out more about your Soul urge number, it would make more sense to speak to a professional psychic. You can find reliable psychics on this website

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