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Tarot Meaning

In the simplest term, Tarot is the use of a combination of cards with meaning to predict our future. A Tarot deck will have 78 different cards, including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each Tarot card is unique, and in combination to other cards, they will create a story that will tell something about your future. When we talk about predictions in the future, we are not looking at 100% accuracy. The purpose of the Tarot read is more to give you an idea of how your future might be going to look like, from that you should come up with a future plan accordingly.

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How accurate is a Tarot reading ?

As mentioned above, a Tarot read is not 100% accurate. Now most websites will tell you that the reader’s skill is the main indicator for the accuracy of the read. However, that is not the whole picture. 

We all know that the reader’s responsibility is to interpret the cards that are in your hand. But, it is you that will process all of those interpretations and apply it into your situation. Yes, depending on the experience and expertise, the interpretation of the cards can be different. But if you are not clear of what is in your mind then it is hard for you to get the right predictions. With that being said, we resources here on Freetarotonline.com that will help you get to one of our experts in Tarot read, and we guarantee that you will have a great experience.


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Why do you need a tarot reading expert to read your cards ?

First, for your information, you can read the cards yourself. However, because Tarot cards are unique, each card has its own meaning, and in combination with other cards, they will make a new meaning. Not to mention different decks of cards for different purposes. So, unless you understand Tarot cards inside out, it is very challenging for you to be able to make a right prediction. Another problem you might face with reading your own Tarot card is that it is really time consuming (looking up the meaning of the cards, the deck…), so you might not really enter “the zone”, which also led to an inaccurate prediction.

The expert beside solving all the problems above, can also help you to have a more objective view of your prediction. Also, in our opinion, it just feels better to have someone to talk to. So don’t hesitate to visit our recommended Tarot expert today.

Some footnotes for you

If this is your first time with Tarot, we highly recommend you to acquire yourself with some basic information about Tarot. It is going to help you engage a bit more in the process of Tarot card reading.

Be open-minded when you are doing your Tarot read, you may be surprised how accurate it is when you are open-minded. 

When something bad shows up in your Tarot read, don’t be anxious. Life happens, you know, bad things happen. What’s important at that moment, is to be calm, listen to what all the cards have to say, maybe there is a solution at the end. And please, do not attempt to re-pick a new card to avoid bad luck. By doing that, you are not actually changing anything.

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