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Welcome to the #1 Free Tarot Reading place where you can learn insights about life without paying or sharing any personal information. We don’t ask for any payment or subscriptions. For us, free means free. Free tarot readings can give you good hints about your current situation whether your question is related to love life, career or health. You can can choose one of the free tarot readings below, flip the cards, interpret each card’s meaning according to your personal unique situation and find relevant answers to your questions. If you are looking for more precise answers , you can check out our live tarot readings page or Tarot website reviews to learn more & get a professional tarot reading via phone / video chat.

List Of available free tarot readings

What is Tarot Reading and how can you benefit from a Free one?

Tarot, a set of picture cards that were invented many centuries ago back in Italy during the 1940s. The reason why these cards are still in use is their reliability and validity. People can discover all the hidden truths of their life and understand themselves better with the help of Tarot reading. The free Tarot reading has gained much popularity over time and became a reliable tool for many people to gain insights and achieve personal growth.

Free Tarot Reading

Free Tarot Reading is the way to get your insights without visiting a Psychic or Tarot Reading expert and paying their fee. There are many sites where you get charged a certain amount for each reading against the reading’s insight and explanation. Whereas a free Tarot Card reading guides you to read the tarot cards and understand the signs. In this way, you develop a skill of your own and get insights without paying anything.

Types of Tarot Decks

The Tarot card is connected with ancient times. With time there has been an addition in the Tarot decks but among all the most popular and used are the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. These Tarot Decks consist of 78 cards which different meanings and signals attached to them.

There are 22 Tarot cards that represent karmic impacts and life lessons. In 22 cards, the Fool card is not numbered while the other 21 have numbers. You can get further detail on Major Arcana Tarot cards from the website. If you would like to know more about each card, see the major arcana tarot card list here

There are 56 Tarot cards that represent daily life problems and tribulations. These cards are named minor as they are limited to daily life situations which have temporary influence.

Selecting the Right Method for Tarot Reading

If you’re searching for an expert Tarot reader you need to make sure you find a good and trustworthy tarot reader. As there are many con persons in this business with no expertise at all. This is why we compiled a list of trustworthy tarot websites from which you can get special discounts if you register through our website. Another good way to choose a great Tarot reader is by learning the basic meanings of Tarot cards and using free Tarot card reading. It will guide you about the interpretation of each Tarot card and every explanation related to it. Not everyone can be a tarot expert but it is always good to have a basic understanding!

How you can benefit from a free tarot reading?

Getting a free tarot card reading can help you understand various life situations and their association with the cards. For instance, The Knight of Swords signifies the focus. You can link this card’s meaning with your co-worker or boss response to a certain situation. In this way, you can observe the people or things around you and connect the real life events with every Tarot card. Keep in mind, Tarot is a technique mostly used for personal development. You can find the right path on your life if you follow the signs given by each card on your free tarot reading

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