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How to Properly Shuffle Tarot Cards - Full Guide

how to properly shuffle tarot cards

Tarot cards are essential tools for tarot enthusiasts in order to find the answers to unanswered life, love, career, or health-related questions. For the best and accurate tarot readings, one must practice and learn procedures such as properly shuffling. Properly shuffling tarot cards is more than just mixing them up; it is a process that tarot enthusiasts go through over and over again to set the stage for optimal readings. Whether you’re a tarot enthusiast open to learning how to get your own tarot reading or a curious beginner, mastering the shuffle is essential for a successful tarot reading. So, have a seat, grab your favorite tarot deck, and read through our step-by-step shuffling guide below!

List of Different Shuffling Options :

  1. The Overhand Shuffle: You must begin by holding the tarot deck on one hand, left or right does not matter. Use your free hand  and grab small groups of cards from the top and place them on the bottom.  Repeat this  process multiple times in order to mix the cards thoroughly.

  2. The Hindu Shuffle: This technique requires you to use one of your hands to hold the tarot deck. While doing that the card must be in face down position. Then use your thumb to pull a portion of the cards from the top and allow them to fall into your other hand. Repeat this move until you think the entire tarot deck is shuffled and ready for the reading.

  3. The Riffle Shuffle: This shuffling method involves holding the deck with both hands. You must position your thumbs on one side and your fingers on the other end. Bend the cards slightly and let them go in a cascading move. This will allow them to mix up well enough and get back together as they fall on the flat surface.

  4. The Table Shuffle: Spread the cards out face down on a flat surface, probably on the table where you will conduct your tarot reading. Use your hands to mix the cards, move them by doing circular or figure-eight moves until you are sure that they are thoroughly shuffled.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards for the First Time

We hear you! You are new to tarot card reading and shuffling seems like a unknown tasks for you! But don’t be afraid and take the challenge!  You should follow these simple steps to shuffle your tarot deck to experience the best tarot reading experience:

  1. Connect with Your Deck: Before doing anything, Take a deep relaxing breath, hold the tarot deck on your hand and concentrate on your thoughts and questions. while Holding the deck in your hands focus on your intention for the reading.  Try to pass your energy through the cards and infuse them with your intentions.

  2. Choose Your Method: We have given you 4 different shuffling options. Decide which method you want  to use. You should choose the method which you will most comfortable with. 

  3. Take Your Time: Take it slow and do not rush the shuffling process. Remember, your goal is to get answers as accurate as possible. Trust your inner self and let your intuition guide you.

  4. Focus on Your Question: If you have a specific question or intention for the reading, focus on it as you shuffle. This will improve the accuracy of the tarot reading. 

How to Shuffle and Pull Tarot Cards from the Tarot Deck

So you have completed the previous steps and you are done shuffling your tarot deck. Now it is time to pull your cards to initiate the reading.  Follow these steps to shuffle and pull tarot cards with precision:

  1. Shuffle with Purpose: Concentrate As you shuffle the deck, always try to keep your questions or intention in mind. Focus on the energy of the cards have faith that you will draw the right cards for your reading.  

  2. Cut the Deck: Whenever you feel ready for your reading, cut the deck in 3 but make sure to use your non-dominant hand. Take a deep breath, deeply focus on the 3 piles, and choose the pile that you feel is the right one for you.

  3. Draw Your Cards: You may be doing one card , three cards or 6 cards tarot or even 10 cards tarot reading. Whether right or left, Use your dominant hand and draw the number of cards that is required for your reading. Make sure you pay attention to the order in which they are drawn and their positions within the spread because a the meaning  of a card changes significantly depending on it’s position.

  4. Interpret the Cards: As soon as you laid all your selected tarot cards, take a moment to analyze them and understand their true meanings depending on your question(s)  Use your intuition as your guide while interpreting the message each card holds.

How to Know When to Stop Shuffling Tarot Cards

Knowing when to stop shuffling mainly relies on your instincts and energy while you are shuffling. However there are also other signs you that indicate it’s time to stop shuffling such as:

  • Intuitive Feeling: Trust your intuition. If you feel a sense of completion or satisfaction while shuffling, it’s likely time to stop.
  • Even Distribution: When the cards feel evenly mixed and no longer clump together, it’s a good indication that they are thoroughly shuffled.
  • Clear Mind: If your mind feels clear and focused, without distractions or doubts, it’s a sign that it is the right time to stop shuffling.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shuffle tarot cards for someone else's reading?

Yes, you can shuffle tarot cards for someone else. However, it’s important to keep good energy and positive thoughts while doing that because it may influence the reading’s outcome.

Accidents happen! If you accidentally drop or damage a card while shuffling, don’t panic. Take a moment to assess the situation and determine if the card is still usable. If it’s severely damaged or lost, you can either continue the reading without it or choose a replacement card to represent its energy.

Cleaning and recharging your tarot deck is essential for accurate readings. It will help to clear the energy that is from the past readings and align them with your intentions. You can read more details in this article

The frequency of shuffling your tarot cards depends on personal preference and the frequency of use. Trust your intuition and develop a routine that feels right for you.

Yes, many digital tarot apps and websites like our website  offer virtual shuffling options.

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