Celtic cross tarot card reading


Celtic cross Tarot card reading, or 6 cards spread is one of the most widely used Tarot spread. The reason is that it is an in-depth prediction, with precise results of your future. In-depth here meaning that the reading could tell you more than the result. In fact, it could also even tell you the exact time and place where an event will happen.One of the famous questions that people usually have before getting this Tarot read is about their true love.  We will show you how that will play out with this Celtic cross Tarot reading.

The first card is a snapshot of you right now, your relationship, your feelings for the relationship…

The second card is a snapshot of your partner, his/her feelings towards you, towards the relationship, as well as his/her expectations.

The third card will discuss all the common points between you and your partner. In a way, it shows how you two are bonded together.

The fourth and fifth cards will show the strengths and weaknesses of your current relationship. 

This final card is your love card.You can see how all the cards are providing you with information to help you with your relationship. You might think love is something subjective and this might not work. Don’t worry, Tarot reading itself is science, not magic. Therefore, the Tarot readers are not someone that can foretold your future, they can only interpret your cards, and then explain it to you in the most meaningful way possible. Then, it is up to you to decide the solutions.

Like any profession out there, we have experienced psychic readers and novice psychic readers. The more advanced the reader, the more insights you will get from their reading. Which ultimately helps you carry out better decisions. We have some recommendations for you that you could look at if you want to meet up with an advanced Tarot reader.

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