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Is there something in your love life that you would want to know more about? Are you and your partner drifting apart without knowing why? Maybe through today’s article, you might find that answer through your own free love Tarot reading.

First Card: Do The Two Of You Exist In Each Other’s Minds Second Card:Will This Relationship Be Meaningful Or A Waste of Time? Third Card: Future

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the tower tarot card meaning

The Tower Tarot card or the most terrifying card in the deck generally indicates chaos and survival. The flaming tower image with the devil shows the destruction which needs to be done in order to move forward.

The Tower card in upright position indicates abuse, violence, natural disaster, loss, tragedies. In short, all the things you should be afraid of. If this card shows that means big changes are on their way to your life. So, you can use these indicators to prepare yourself for dealing with them.

The Tower Card Upright Meaning in Love :
Your relationship might take some wrong turns in the coming days. The Tower in an upright manner indicates a separation, breakup, or even a divorce. So, if your relationship is going through a rough time you need to prepare yourself to survive the upcoming destruction. But it can also mean the destruction might eliminate the reason that is damaging your relationship and you both will come close after a hard time.

The Tower Card Upright Meaning in Career:
You need to prepare yourself for a laying over or big changes in your career. That means that you’ll have to handle stress at a workplace or business which might frustrate you.

The Tower Card Upright Meaning in Money :
It’s an indication to prepare your finances and savings for your sudden losses so you can rely on them and pass that time.

The Tower Card Reversed Meaning:
Tower card in reversed position shows resistance or avoidance of things. So, this card tells that you need to stop resistance and face the hardships to start the new beginning.

The Tower Card Reversed meaning in Love:
If you’re in a relationship and experiencing distantness, pain, and not doing anything about it. This card indicates that towards making adjustments to your relationship and let your partner know how you feel or leave the weak relationship.

The Tower Card Reversed Meaning in Career:
You may be feeling secured about your current job and career but you need to stay prepared for the worst. This card indicates that your career might take some unexpected turns which can put you in a vulnerable position. So, if you’re thinking you’re past the layoffs, that’s not true.

The Tower Card Reversed Meaning in Money:
The Tower Tarot Card reversed signifies the acceptance and declaration of financial defeat. Most of the time we try so hard for survival but in reality, we don’t make any progress and get the delayed defeat. So, this card suggests that you need to accept it to find peace. For example; you’re just invested in a property you can’t afford so you should sell it.

The World card is one of the Travelcards in Major Arcana, which consist of a dancing woman with crossed legs and holding wands in both hands. This represents worldly balance and control. The World Card Upright Meaning
Upright World card represents achievement, wholeness, and a sense of belonging and control. It signifies that the World is in your control. So, all the efforts you put in will result in success. The whole World is welcoming you for success and achievement.

The World Card Upright Meaning in Love :
If you’re in a relationship with someone, this card is a signal for you to bring your relationship to the next stage, like engagement or marriage. If you’re single, this signifies open options for you in the near future. Now you should look forward to being in a relationship with someone you and your soul is attracted to.

The World Card Upright Meaning in Career:
Upright World card represents goal completion and a sense of fulfilment in a career. If you own a business, doing any job or even finding a new one. This card signifies to be proud of it and celebrate what you’ve already earned. Enjoy the present moment.

The World Card Upright Meaning in Money :
If you’ve been holding yourself back from making any investment due to the risks. It’s time to do that. This card suggests taking and gamble your money (not in the casino) but in the form of investments, and you’ll land on unexpected success.

The World Card reversed represents the lack of achievement, success and disappointment. Sometimes we feel empty like something is missing. The reversed card signifies these stuck situations and problems. Also, it helps you focus in the right direction.

The World Card Reversed meaning in Love:
Have your relationship lost all its charm? Things do not feel like they used to feel? The World card reversed indicates that you and your partners have lost their focus and let things go sideways. Even it might not feel true to you because you may be trying hard to improve your relationship, but are you sure that you’re fixing the main problem? So, better trying new things, be honest with your partners and communicate!

The World Card Reversed Meaning in Career:
Often, we feel empty or unaccomplished even after getting what we always wished for. It can be a job or career as well, so if you are feeling the same. This card indicates that your focus might be in the wrong directions, or you’ve set your success bar too low that it doesn’t feel any accomplishment to you.

The World Card Reversed Meaning in Money:
You might be feeling comfortable, unsettle besides being in a financially stable position. Word card reversed suggest keep going and don’t fall for some stupid money scheme or investment. Your consistency will get you what you wish to achieve.

the fool tarot card

The Fool Card meaning in Love
If you are single and looking for a girlfriend this card indicates that you never have a hard time to find someone to get in a romantic relationship. Your future girlfriend is going to be a fun person to hang out with although she might not be ready yet for a long term relationship.

If you are already taken, the card can be an indication of something exciting between you and your partner and accomplishment of something together. This can be marriage, engagement , experiencing something new, travelling to new destinations and etc.. If you want to find out more about how your potential partner feels about you, the fool card indicates that your partner enjoys spending time with you however she / he is not ready to settle down with anyone yet.

Upright fool card is a clear indication of an unexpected new adventure that may require you to be courageous to take some risks. If you do, you will be well rewarded. This card can also mean travelling to new destinations and experiencing new cultures.

The Fool Card Meaning in Career
The fool card indicates your dedication and love for your job or business . Try to focus on core important elements of your work rather than focusing creative and fun stuff. The Fool is a great card to receive when you’re just beginning a new job or business venture, the only drawback being that you can be so enthusiastic about your work that you stop acting like a professional. Success is around the corner if you let go of your fears and devote yourself to your career .

The fool card meaning in Money
Sign of opportunities and advancement in your career. It’s a clear indication that you will be rewarded very soon. It can also be the sign of a new business project or a promotion

The fool card meaning in health
If you are healthy , you can expect to stay that way. If you are sick , you will get better soon!

The fool card reversed meaning
It’s an indication of ignorant negligent behavior. You should stop disregarding the effects of your actions on other people around you.

The fool card reversed meaning in Love :
If you are in a relationship, one of you is not very serious. One of you loves being free and independent and this will sour your relationship. The card suggests that you don’t have a future together as a couple.

The fool reversed meaning in career:
Definitely not a good time to invest in something or to start new projects. The reversed fool card is actually a warning for you. Things may seem too good to be true and you should be very careful when taking decisions.

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To answer your love life questions, you would need to do what is called a “love Tarot spread”. If you don’t know what Tarot and Tarot spread is, we are here to help. Tarot is a set of cards, which is used to predict your future. A Tarot spread is a way of setting up those cards, in order to give them context and meaning to your situation. There is no magic involved in a Tarot reading, and the cards themselves only give you guidance, not the solutions. Now if you are interested and want to know all the details about Tarot, we recommend you check out our other posts on 

Now back to the love Tarot spread, there are plenty of different spreads out there for you to choose, but in our opinion we come up with the most common 3 spreads for you. They are the Three card relationship spread, the 5 card cross relationship spread and the compatibility relationship spread. 

Three card spread 

Let’s start with the three card relationship spread. The purpose of this spread is to give you a snapshot of your relationship right now (like a diagnosis if you will). That’s why it is considered to be one of the simpler spreads between the 3 spreads. To lay out the cards for this spread, first, you draw your first card and place it on the left. Then you draw your second card and place it on the right, and the last card will be the one in the center.

 In that sequence,

  • The first card will tell you your role in the relationship, your own perception in the relationship and how those things are going to affect your relationship with your partner.
  • The second card will reveal the role and perception of your partner, as well as how they are going to affect the relationship.
  • The third card shows you how you would describe your relationship.

5 card spread

Next on the list is the 5 card cross relationship spread. If the 3 card spread is a snapshot of your relationship, then this is more of a short film. This spread will allow you to refer back to the past (what has happened in your relationship), the present and with the past and present combined, how the future is going to look like. The layout of the cards will look similar to the image below.

With the number indicated in the picture, here is the meaning of each of those cards. 

  • The first and second card represents your role and your partner’s role in the relationship. For example, you could be the funny one in the relationship, or you could be the one that makes key decisions etc. 
  • The third card represents the relationship past, how you guys initially met, come together and what tied you guys together until now. 
  • The fourth card represents the present state of the relationship. Usually this card will show whether you and your partner are getting along or not, or if there’s any problem in your relationship, this card will show it to you. 
  • The last card, as you might have guessed it, represents the future of your relationship. Basically, it will show where your relationship is heading, and why it is heading in that certain way. Bear in mind that your present and past state might not look great, but your future in the relationship might be incredible and vice versa. So don’t lose hope when your past and present cards are not in your favour.

Compatibility relationship spread

The last spread on this list is the compatibility relationship spread. This spread will not talk about your role or partner role in the relationship. However, it will focus directly on the needs and wants of you and your partner. In other words, this is the deep dive into your relationship. Now the card spread is explain on the image below

Source: Internet 

The first and second card represents what you and your partner want respectively. Wants here are what each of you consider is crucial to the relationship.

The third card represents the differences between you and your partner (what are the disagreements between you two)

The fourth card represents the similarities between you two (the things the bring you guys together)

The fifth, sixth and seventh represent your Emotional, Physical and Mental compatibility. So, how compatible are you emotionally, physically and mentally.

All seven of these cards will give you insight to your relationship, which will be helpful for your relationship.

You can see how different spreads are designed to focus on different aspects of your relationship. Therefore, what you could do is to get multiple Tarot readings so you could understand more about your relationship. Luckily, if you are new to Tarot and not sure how to do the reading yourself, check out our Tarot reading experts, who will guide you every step of your way. As always, the decision is yours.

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