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Is there something in your love life that you would want to know more about? Are you and your partner drifting apart without knowing why? Maybe through today’s article, you might find that answer through your own free love Tarot reading.

First Card: Do The Two Of You Exist In Each Other’s Minds Second Card:Will This Relationship Be Meaningful Or A Waste of Time? Third Card: Future

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Temperance Tarot card consists of an unidentifiable angel whose gender, whose one foot is dipped in water and the other foot in one dry land, which signals towards the gender balance and materialistic world. There are two cups in Angel’s hand with flowing water representing the union and flow of our world. Altogether Temperance Tarot card symbolizes the balance.

Temperance Card Upright Meaning:
Temperance in the upright position signifies inner peace, calmness, relationships, and patience. This card emphasis finding inner peace to improve your life and relationships within the world.

Temperance Card Upright Meaning in Love :
Temperance in an upright position is the most loved card by the couples as it signifies the perfect balance of love in the relationship. If you’re in a relationship, this is an indicator that this relationship will last, and no misunderstanding or problems can harm it. But if you’re single, this indicates that you need to learn to balance life so your soul mate can enter it. After doing that, the world automatically pushes the right partner towards you.

Temperance Card Upright Meaning in Career:
Temperance in an upright manager indicates that patience will help you succeed in your career or any other goals related to it. If you’re going through a rough phase, it indicates to remain calm and work patiently.

Temperance Card Upright Meaning in Money:
You need to find a balance in your spending to make your money. If you’re spending most of your resources, this card indicates that you should start saving and spending slowly.

Temperance Card Reversed Meaning:
Temperance reversed card indicates the opposite of balance that means that you’re behaving recklessly and you need to handle it, or it may lead to damages in your life.

Temperance Card Reversed meaning in Love :
Suppose you’re having regular clashes with your couple in a relationship. In that case, this card indicates that it’s happening due to the imbalances like one is being more carrying, loving and another partner have started taking it for granted. So, both need to resolve it by balancing the relationship.

Temperance Card Reversed Meaning in Career:
Either you’re working unnecessarily hard or not hard enough at your job or career, resulting in delayed results. This card indicates that for a successful career, you should start finding the right balance. It might include a good relationship with your co-worker and boss.

Temperance Card Reversed Meaning in Money:
You need to slow down your spending and start making a wise investment. But those investments shouldn’t be made impulsively.

the high priestess

The High Priestess card constitutes the inherent qualities of inner wisdom. This means that all of us possess wisdom which is derived from mistakes and learning experiences. This tarot card also emphasizes the role of gut feelings and instincts when it comes to dealing with day-to-day situations.

The high priestess card meaning in love:
It’s natural for men to be attracted to women. However, an attractive woman may not be easily attainable for men. It will be difficult for a man to express his feelings to the woman he desires.

The high priestess card meaning in career:
The job that you’ve always dreamt of is slowly coming your way. In other words, you will soon be equipped with the knowledge that will lead you towards a successful career. Your creativity will also play a huge role when you start climbing the ladder of success.

The high priestess card meaning in money :
When you start earning a steady income, you should avoid disclosing it to friends and family. At times, people can often use such confidential information against you just for personal gain.

The high priestess card meaning in health :
Taking time out for the things you like to do is important. Sometimes you might feel like going for a walk, and at other times, you might feel like eating something scrumptious. Listen to what your mind requires and fulfill those needs as soon as possible.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in love:
It’s quite possible that you have an attractive personality that someone admires. But you don’t know if you should let this person into your life or not. You might start questioning their intentions which could lead to second thoughts.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in career:
A 9-5 job is not easy. It can make you feel as if you’ve drifted away from reality. You start to feel isolated and alone, which makes you unproductive and lazy.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in money:
Always think about your financial position before you borrow money from someone. Unless you’re certain that you’ll be able to repay the lending party, you should try to find another way to build up finance.

the emperor tarot card

The emperor tarot card is known to have a fatherly figure over the other tarot cards. In simple terms, this card represents acts of a disciple, hard work, ambition, and integrity. Moreover, the emperor card reflects a character who you would look towards for counseling.

The Emperor card meaning in Love:
In the context of love, the emperor tarot card represents a relationship with older men (considering that the person who wants to engage in the relationship is single and interested in men).

The Emperor card meaning in Career:
According to the emperor tarot card, the hard work and effort that you put into your career will reap your sweet fruits. You just need to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

The Emperor card meaning in money:
When it comes to finances, the emperor tarot card suggests that you should manage/spend your money responsibly. Trust your gut and spend where and when you deem appropriate.

The Emperor card meaning in Health:
Health-wise, the emperor card signs that you should take care of yourself and not over-exert your daily activities. Keep your routine light and try not to engage in activities that will drain you out.

A reversed emperor card is the exact opposite of what was discussed in the first paragraph. A reversed emperor card represents laziness, procrastination, misuse of power, and inappropriate behavior.

The Emperor card reversed meaning in Love:
An emperor card being reversed in love means that there is instability within the relationship. Moreover, there is a misuse of power which leads to an unhealthy and unhappy relationship.

The Emperor Card reversed meaning in Career:
The emperor card being reversed in the career context would mean that one is not putting in the work and effort to achieve desired goals. This is mainly due to procrastination and inconsistency.

Flip All Cards

To answer your love life questions, you would need to do what is called a “love Tarot spread”. If you don’t know what Tarot and Tarot spread is, we are here to help. Tarot is a set of cards, which is used to predict your future. A Tarot spread is a way of setting up those cards, in order to give them context and meaning to your situation. There is no magic involved in a Tarot reading, and the cards themselves only give you guidance, not the solutions. Now if you are interested and want to know all the details about Tarot, we recommend you check out our other posts on 

Now back to the love Tarot spread, there are plenty of different spreads out there for you to choose, but in our opinion we come up with the most common 3 spreads for you. They are the Three card relationship spread, the 5 card cross relationship spread and the compatibility relationship spread. 

Three card spread 

Let’s start with the three card relationship spread. The purpose of this spread is to give you a snapshot of your relationship right now (like a diagnosis if you will). That’s why it is considered to be one of the simpler spreads between the 3 spreads. To lay out the cards for this spread, first, you draw your first card and place it on the left. Then you draw your second card and place it on the right, and the last card will be the one in the center.

 In that sequence,

  • The first card will tell you your role in the relationship, your own perception in the relationship and how those things are going to affect your relationship with your partner.
  • The second card will reveal the role and perception of your partner, as well as how they are going to affect the relationship.
  • The third card shows you how you would describe your relationship.

5 card spread

Next on the list is the 5 card cross relationship spread. If the 3 card spread is a snapshot of your relationship, then this is more of a short film. This spread will allow you to refer back to the past (what has happened in your relationship), the present and with the past and present combined, how the future is going to look like. The layout of the cards will look similar to the image below.

With the number indicated in the picture, here is the meaning of each of those cards. 

  • The first and second card represents your role and your partner’s role in the relationship. For example, you could be the funny one in the relationship, or you could be the one that makes key decisions etc. 
  • The third card represents the relationship past, how you guys initially met, come together and what tied you guys together until now. 
  • The fourth card represents the present state of the relationship. Usually this card will show whether you and your partner are getting along or not, or if there’s any problem in your relationship, this card will show it to you. 
  • The last card, as you might have guessed it, represents the future of your relationship. Basically, it will show where your relationship is heading, and why it is heading in that certain way. Bear in mind that your present and past state might not look great, but your future in the relationship might be incredible and vice versa. So don’t lose hope when your past and present cards are not in your favour.

Compatibility relationship spread

The last spread on this list is the compatibility relationship spread. This spread will not talk about your role or partner role in the relationship. However, it will focus directly on the needs and wants of you and your partner. In other words, this is the deep dive into your relationship. Now the card spread is explain on the image below

Source: Internet 

The first and second card represents what you and your partner want respectively. Wants here are what each of you consider is crucial to the relationship.

The third card represents the differences between you and your partner (what are the disagreements between you two)

The fourth card represents the similarities between you two (the things the bring you guys together)

The fifth, sixth and seventh represent your Emotional, Physical and Mental compatibility. So, how compatible are you emotionally, physically and mentally.

All seven of these cards will give you insight to your relationship, which will be helpful for your relationship.

You can see how different spreads are designed to focus on different aspects of your relationship. Therefore, what you could do is to get multiple Tarot readings so you could understand more about your relationship. Luckily, if you are new to Tarot and not sure how to do the reading yourself, check out our Tarot reading experts, who will guide you every step of your way. As always, the decision is yours.

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