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Is there something in your love life that you would want to know more about? Are you and your partner drifting apart without knowing why? Maybe through today’s article, you might find that answer through your own free love Tarot reading.

First Card: Do The Two Of You Exist In Each Other’s Minds Second Card:Will This Relationship Be Meaningful Or A Waste of Time? Third Card: Future

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the hierophant tarot card

The Hierophant tarot card is based on a society that functions according to conventional norms. The core idea behind this card is that it represents things being done legitimately, which people will follow and accept.

The Hierophant card meaning in love:
When you set out in search of true love, you can rest assured that your efforts will not go wasted. This is because you will most likely engage in a healthy relationship that will be based on a long-term commitment.

The Hierophant card meaning in career:
If you want to be successful in your career, you should avoid shortcuts at all costs. You’ll be much better off provided you take the challenging path to success.

The Hierophant card meaning in money:
Searching for unconventional ways of generating money will only drain you out. Try and figure out how other people are making money and what steps they’re taking to generate their income.

The Hierophant card meaning in health:
You will start experiencing good health once you try out the conventional means of healing. Also, try to incorporate daily exercise into your routine to enhance your immune system.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in love:

At times a relationship can end up not conforming to the conventional norms. It’s a relationship based on inequality between the partners due to distinct genders. As a result, this can lead to a broken partnership.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in career:
In the workplace, there can sometimes be an imbalance of power in the hierarchical chain of command. The directors or managers may use their power to make employers obey and follow their principles.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in money:
People may give you advice in terms of earning a better living. For the most part, seeking advice is not a bad thing. However, it’s best to stick to what you’re most comfortable with, no matter how tempting other money-making ventures may seem.

The Sun Tarot card generally represents positivity, optimism and feelings of fulfilment. When the card is in the upright position, it signals that joy and happiness are coming to you. It also represents success and confidence. So, continue whatever you’re doing, and you’ll be getting the joy of success soon.

The Upright Sun Card meaning in Love :
An upright sun card represents the successful relationship and signals towards making your relationship better by putting more efforts to get close to each other. If you’re single, this card shows that it’s the perfect time to start a relationship.

The Upright Sun Card Meaning in Career:
If you’re switching to a new job or investing in any new business, it signifies that you stay optimistic as you’ll be getting success and happiness.

The Upright Sun Card Meaning in Money:
If you’re financially stables and things have been working out of your latest, then you’ll be soon revealing some hidden factor for that you should keep some money at the side.

The Upright Sun Card Meaning in Health:
If you’re perfectly healthy, the sun card represents you should be grateful and stay away from the unhealthy activities. In case one is going through health problems, that problems would leave you soon.

The Sun Card Reversed Meaning

The Sun card reversed represents a lack of enthusiasm, sadness, depression, pessimism, and unrealistic expectations. But this card doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in a bad situation, but it indicates your feelings and your focus on negativity. In short, you’re losing the sight and being unrealistic, which you must tackle.

The Sun Card Reversed meaning in Love

The sun shines bright even after getting blocked by the clouds temporarily. So, if you’re in a relationship with someone, you might be facing some issues with your partner or not feeling the love and happiness, but the reversed sun signals that thing will be sorted out soon, and you’ll be happy once again. If you’re single, this card represents a relationship is in your way, and you should accept it.

The Sun Card Reversed Meaning in Career

Being human, we are sometimes played by our thoughts, which results in missing and ignoring the things in front of us. A reversed sun card suggests that you may feel exhausted at your workplace due to certain circumstances like a promotion you deserve. Besides getting depressed over it or walking out of the situation, you should bring this matter to your boss and request your promotion.

the empress

The Empress Tarot card consists of a throned mature woman surrounded by true nature. Her outlook represents the goddess and luxury. There is greenery everywhere in her surrounding. This Empress card overall represents nature and femininity.

Empress Card Upright Meaning
The Upright Empress card denotes creativity, abundance, and sensuality. It connects us with the nature and happiness of life. Also, helps the people to understand themselves better and bring happiness in their life.

Empress Card Upright Meaning in Love
In an upright manner, the Empathy card has a very positive indication for both people, singles, and couples. If you’re in a relationship, it signifies that your partner is truly committed. Also, it indicates romance, sex, and pregnancy. So, if you’re not ready, better start keeping the safety. For singles, it’s a signal that they will be getting their right one pretty soon.

Empress Card Upright Meaning in Career
Having a nurturing environment at your workplace would help you in boosting the momentum. This card represents creativity and inspiration. If you’re joining a new place, you’ll get the company of very good co-workers.

Empress Card Upright Meaning in Money
If having a bad time dealing with Finances, this card signifies the upcoming good flow of money. So, if you’re thinking about investing, go for it.

Empress card reversed has a negative indication. It points out insecurity, lack of growth, and negligence. One must embrace himself of their feminine qualities, be it, men or women, because we all have them inside us. Embracing them will help us to grow, and this card is the indicator of that.

Empress Card Reversed meaning in Love:
If you love your partner and not giving her enough attention due to any reason. This card indicates that he or she needs it to boost self-worth. You can try making little gestures like taking your partner on a dinner date or movie or try some romantic gift. For single, it’s an indication of many potential people who will try to ask you out soon.

Empress Card Reversed Meaning in Career:
If you’re in a career or business which is not of your interest. This card indicates you take the bold decision and stop following it. Instead, follow your true interest, which will make you successful without draining the energy out of you.

Empress Card Reversed Meaning in Money:
Sometimes we find ourselves feeling unstable even after having enough finances. The reason might be something not right inside you. This card suggests that you should not ignore this feeling and deal with your inner self, and start being confident about yourself. Make all the reasonable investment choices, don’t help back!

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To answer your love life questions, you would need to do what is called a “love Tarot spread”. If you don’t know what Tarot and Tarot spread is, we are here to help. Tarot is a set of cards, which is used to predict your future. A Tarot spread is a way of setting up those cards, in order to give them context and meaning to your situation. There is no magic involved in a Tarot reading, and the cards themselves only give you guidance, not the solutions. Now if you are interested and want to know all the details about Tarot, we recommend you check out our other posts on 

Now back to the love Tarot spread, there are plenty of different spreads out there for you to choose, but in our opinion we come up with the most common 3 spreads for you. They are the Three card relationship spread, the 5 card cross relationship spread and the compatibility relationship spread. 

Three card spread 

Let’s start with the three card relationship spread. The purpose of this spread is to give you a snapshot of your relationship right now (like a diagnosis if you will). That’s why it is considered to be one of the simpler spreads between the 3 spreads. To lay out the cards for this spread, first, you draw your first card and place it on the left. Then you draw your second card and place it on the right, and the last card will be the one in the center.

 In that sequence,

  • The first card will tell you your role in the relationship, your own perception in the relationship and how those things are going to affect your relationship with your partner.
  • The second card will reveal the role and perception of your partner, as well as how they are going to affect the relationship.
  • The third card shows you how you would describe your relationship.

5 card spread

Next on the list is the 5 card cross relationship spread. If the 3 card spread is a snapshot of your relationship, then this is more of a short film. This spread will allow you to refer back to the past (what has happened in your relationship), the present and with the past and present combined, how the future is going to look like. The layout of the cards will look similar to the image below.

With the number indicated in the picture, here is the meaning of each of those cards. 

  • The first and second card represents your role and your partner’s role in the relationship. For example, you could be the funny one in the relationship, or you could be the one that makes key decisions etc. 
  • The third card represents the relationship past, how you guys initially met, come together and what tied you guys together until now. 
  • The fourth card represents the present state of the relationship. Usually this card will show whether you and your partner are getting along or not, or if there’s any problem in your relationship, this card will show it to you. 
  • The last card, as you might have guessed it, represents the future of your relationship. Basically, it will show where your relationship is heading, and why it is heading in that certain way. Bear in mind that your present and past state might not look great, but your future in the relationship might be incredible and vice versa. So don’t lose hope when your past and present cards are not in your favour.

Compatibility relationship spread

The last spread on this list is the compatibility relationship spread. This spread will not talk about your role or partner role in the relationship. However, it will focus directly on the needs and wants of you and your partner. In other words, this is the deep dive into your relationship. Now the card spread is explain on the image below

Source: Internet 

The first and second card represents what you and your partner want respectively. Wants here are what each of you consider is crucial to the relationship.

The third card represents the differences between you and your partner (what are the disagreements between you two)

The fourth card represents the similarities between you two (the things the bring you guys together)

The fifth, sixth and seventh represent your Emotional, Physical and Mental compatibility. So, how compatible are you emotionally, physically and mentally.

All seven of these cards will give you insight to your relationship, which will be helpful for your relationship.

You can see how different spreads are designed to focus on different aspects of your relationship. Therefore, what you could do is to get multiple Tarot readings so you could understand more about your relationship. Luckily, if you are new to Tarot and not sure how to do the reading yourself, check out our Tarot reading experts, who will guide you every step of your way. As always, the decision is yours.

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