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Not all Tarot reading is complex and in-depth as you may have thought. A yes or no Tarot reading for example, is designed to help you with your daily life question. Even though it is a simple Tarot read, it does require you to be connected to your inner self, in order to have a meaningful question and answer. 

judgement tarot card

General representation: time for self-reflection and actions’ evaluation

When it comes to love, the upright Judgement card may suggest a danger that you and your partner are not fully appreciating one another even if you both consider your relationship as important. You can overcome this threat by being open to each other.

You or your partner are in the process of changing. You should take action and not cling to the status quo if you want to keep your relationship working.

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How to do this “yes or no” Tarot reading ?

One way to do it is to draw a card from your Tarot deck then read the card. if the card is showing positive meaning then it is a “Yes” and vice versa. However, not every card in a Tarot deck can be assigned a positive or negative meaning, therefore, some cards are just neutral in their nature. Also, some cards are so complex that it is challenging to give them the right “positive or negative” meaning. 

So, there is another way to do the “yes or no” Tarot reading, which is to draw 3 cards instead of 1. The immediate benefit is we have more information to work with, which will give us a better interpretation of our reading, ultimately giving us a better answer to our problem. Same concept still applies to the 3 cards draw method. We are still giving a meaning to our cards. You might ask “what if 1 card is positive, 1 negative, 1 is neutral, then what is the answer, is it yes or no”. Now, the thing is that with one card, we might end up with an answer that is neither “yes or no”, but with 3 cards, we can have a better insight of what the cards are saying. In other words, with 3 cards, you are interpreting the whole scenario not the card by themselves anymore. Therefore, there should be no problem with this method. 

You could get more than 3 cards. However, at that point, you might just want to try out other spreads, which is more in-depth and meaningful. 

Again, the “yes or no” reading is designed to give you a quick answer of yes or no. So, there is not much insight you can gain from it. However, you could visit one of our recommended psychic Tarot card readers to see if a “Yes or No” reading is the best choice for you. Because they might have better spread that give you a better insight to your situation and provide you with better guidance. The choice is yours. 

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