When will I Meet my Soulmate Tarot Reading

The concept of a soulmate has long been subjected to misconceptions and misunderstandings. While some dismiss its existence, metaphysics experts affirm the reality of finding a true soulmate. Contrary to the romanticized notion we often envision, soulmates are not solely romantic partners but encompass our “core team” of souls. These are individuals who traverse our entire life cycle, appearing and departing as per the lessons we are meant to learn.

Your Soul Card: This card represents your current feeling. 
Their Soul Card:
This card represents your perception of your current or future partner. 
Karma Card:
This tells about all the factors that could affect your life in the present. 
Thorns Card:
This card tells you how to overcome the obstacles you have in your life and how you can turn them into opportunities. 
The Divine Card:
This card shows the divine and wider perspective that could affect your conscience. 
The Destiny Card:
This is the destiny card that tells you how the situations and events are moving in your life. 
Magic Card:
This shows uncertain life events that are still taking form. 
Kiss of Fate Card:
This card shows the course of events that decides between your wants and what’s possible. 

When Will I Meet My Soulmate Free Tarot Reading
If you find yourself yearning to unravel the mystery of when you will encounter your soulmate, a free tarot reading can provide you with valuable insights. Through this divination practice, you can gain glimpses into the timing and circumstances surrounding this destined meeting. Allow the cards to guide you on your journey of love and discovery.

Pick your cards , get a free Soulmate Reading :

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hanged man

The Hanged Man Tarot card shows an upside-down man hanged by his leg to a tree. The hanging man represents free will. We can say that by observing that his left foot is free and his hands are behind his back while his facial expressions are serene. Generally, this card signals uncertainty, the situation of being trapped into something willingly, and a lackness of the right direction.

The Hanged Man Card Upright Meaning
In an upright direction, this card signals sacrifice and contemplation. This card helps you in making critical decisions that are ultimately best for you.

The Hanged Man Card Upright Meaning in Love
If you’re in a relationship that is not so romantic and joyful at the moment. The Hanged man card in an upright position signifies that you need to step back and give your relationship a rest. In that time, you and your partner could rethink the relationship and make it better. Or, if you find that you’re not happy, you can call this relationship off willingly. If you’re single, this signals that you should get out of the negative people circle and release all the negative feelings.

The Hanged ManCard Upright Meaning in Career
Are you not sure about your job or next business? This card can be a signal to take some time out to plan your next move.

The Hanged Man Card Upright Meaning in Money
If you’re struggling with money, this is card signals towards the opportunity to turn that situation into money. Look around yourself and change your perspective about money, opening your mind to pick the right move.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed Meaning

The Hanged Man in reversed position denotes negative patterns, stagnation. This card might be an indication for you that you’re making bad decisions impulsively, and you need to stop and consider the situation.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed meaning in Love.

It’s time to make some changes in your love life if you’re in a relationship. You need to revamp it without making the unnecessary sacrifice. This will balance your relationship. If you’re single, this card indicates that the wait is over. You need to fresh your mind from toxic ex-relationships, and you’ll be soon meeting your soulmate.

The Hanged ManCard Reversed Meaning in Career

If things are not going well in your career, this career signals stalling for some time and take the decision on which you’ve been procrastinating for a long time. Stop sacrificing yourself for a career. Once you do that, you will seek new opportunities.

The Hanged Man Card Reversed Meaning in Money

Do you always find yourself in a situation where you hesitate to take the final step in making any investment? If that’s true, this card indicates that you need to figure yourself out well and take the next step. You can take counseling from a financial expert as well.

the hierophant tarot card

The Hierophant tarot card is based on a society that functions according to conventional norms. The core idea behind this card is that it represents things being done legitimately, which people will follow and accept.

The Hierophant card meaning in love:
When you set out in search of true love, you can rest assured that your efforts will not go wasted. This is because you will most likely engage in a healthy relationship that will be based on a long-term commitment.

The Hierophant card meaning in career:
If you want to be successful in your career, you should avoid shortcuts at all costs. You’ll be much better off provided you take the challenging path to success.

The Hierophant card meaning in money:
Searching for unconventional ways of generating money will only drain you out. Try and figure out how other people are making money and what steps they’re taking to generate their income.

The Hierophant card meaning in health:
You will start experiencing good health once you try out the conventional means of healing. Also, try to incorporate daily exercise into your routine to enhance your immune system.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in love:

At times a relationship can end up not conforming to the conventional norms. It’s a relationship based on inequality between the partners due to distinct genders. As a result, this can lead to a broken partnership.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in career:
In the workplace, there can sometimes be an imbalance of power in the hierarchical chain of command. The directors or managers may use their power to make employers obey and follow their principles.

The Hierophant card reversed meaning in money:
People may give you advice in terms of earning a better living. For the most part, seeking advice is not a bad thing. However, it’s best to stick to what you’re most comfortable with, no matter how tempting other money-making ventures may seem.

the magician tarot card

Upright position of this card represents creative, skillful individuals. It also indicates personal strength.

The magician tarot card meaning in Love :
If you are in love or have strong interest in someone , you have to show it. Try to break the monotony of your life and express yourself in a creative way.

The magician tarot card meaning in CAREER:
New job opportunities will be coming your way. You will take new projects with high self esteem and positive energy. If you are already employed, this card indicates that you will either get promoted or be assigned new tasks because of your problem solving skills. Your god given talent and skills will help you start a new business / expand your existing business .

The magician tarot card meaning in MONEY:
It looks like you have no problem making money however you have bad spending habits. You are a hard worker, not afraid of doing side gigs . You just need to learn how to manage your finances. This card is not a sign of financial danger. It is a sign for you to change your spending habits.

The magician tarot card meaning in Health
If you are sick or experiencing health issues, you can expect getting better soon.

Beware of new people around you. People you are doing business with maybe cheating on you / lying to you.

If you have a partner, this card indicates that you will start experiencing some issues in your relationship. A recent discussion, thoughtless act by one of you might have caused an uncertainty in your relationship . Your partner thinks that you are egoist and full of yourself. Uncertainty will ruin your relationship. Try to think about how your partner feels , rather than being concerned only about yourself.

This card may also be a sign of a person who frequently changes partners without thinking of what is going to happen tomorrow..

The magician reversed card in
Bad news on A new business project . Obstacles on a business project. Poor performance at work. You are having trouble self questioning and recognizing your mistakes and failures.
The magician reversed card in Health:
If you draw this card along with the fool or judgement card it will represent physical or mental fatigue. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just take it easy. Things like Yoga would relieve your stress.

the star tarot card

The star tarot card reflects a sense of optimism. This means that one can always expect things to work out even if situations seem dire. If you possess this Arcana card, you will feel more motivated and inspired to take on a challenge, no matter how difficult it may be.

The Star Card meaning in Love:
If you’ve previously been in a relationship that made you feel bad or upset, you shouldn’t be bothered about it anymore. The star card suggests that someone better is awaiting you.

Whoever this person is, you’ll be ready to meet them with a positive and happy mindset.

The Star Card meaning in Career:
Searching for the perfect career path is something that you should not stress over. Many opportunities will be coming your way, and some of them will come in the most unexpected of ways. So be patient and optimistic as greatness is destined for you.
The Star Card meaning in Money:

If you’re in a tight spot financially, you should be spending your money in a well-thought-out manner. To be more specific, you should be investing rather than simply spending. Therefore, look for profitable opportunities you could invest your money in. For all you know, you might just hit the jackpot.

The Star card meaning in Health:
If you constantly feel sick or ill, don’t worry. All your ailments will soon fade away. The star card indicates that good health will come your way, and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

The reverse aspect of love suggests that you no longer feel the same energy in your relationship as before. In other words, you’re no longer confident about the relationship, which makes you want to give up on it.

The Star Card reversed meaning in Career:
Carrying out your everyday routine might have gotten boring for you. You might find the monotonous tasks of your job to be discouraging or unrewarding.

The Star Card reversed meaning in Money:
If you haven’t been able to grow financially, there might be a possibility that you’re doing something wrong. You should review your money-making strategies and see how you could improve them. Things might not work out at first, but remember every cloud has a silver lining.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card generally represents destiny. It is one of the highest symbolic cards in the whole deck. It signals the person in the right direction, which helps in taking better decisions.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Upright Meaning
The Wheel of Fortune Upward points towards good luck, karma and decisive moments. If you’re struggling to decide under uncomfortable circumstances, this card will point out the right thing for you.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Upright Meaning in Love
If you’re in a relationship, this is the time to take your relationship to the next stage. Or if you’re having a difficult time in a relationship, the Wheel of Justice in upright position signals towards making critical decisions that could be bringing needed changes to make the relationship work or breaking up for the better of both. However, if you’re single, this points out that the universe is trying to push you towards a lovely relationship.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Upright Meaning in Career
The Wheel of Fortune in an upright position points towards an upcoming significant change in the job or your business. So, if you’re trying to start a new business or thinking of switching to a new job, now is the perfect time to do that.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Upright Meaning in Money
You need to start keeping some amount separately if you’re not doing it already. Because this card in upright position signals the change in the financial status, you might get an opportunity to invest your money as well, and for that, you need some ready-to-invest money.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card in reverse position indicates lack of control, bad luck, delays and unwelcome changes. So, it would be best if you start preparing for the upcoming changes in your way.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed meaning in Love.

Your relationship might get in trouble or in a vulnerable situation where you think things cannot work further. But you need to handle it calmly as this is just a slight slump, and everything will get better soon.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed Meaning in Career

Your career or business could go through uncertainty for some time. This Wheel of Fortune card in reverse position signals the uninvited turns. You need to handle this situation properly and get yourself prepared to take a critical decision once the situation gets stable again.

The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed Meaning in Money

This card suggests that there are unexpected events in your way for which you need to prepare now. For example: Start saving money for the emergency, which could come in any shape. By doing that, you will be able to protect yourself from stress or anxiety.

the emperor tarot card

The emperor tarot card is known to have a fatherly figure over the other tarot cards. In simple terms, this card represents acts of a disciple, hard work, ambition, and integrity. Moreover, the emperor card reflects a character who you would look towards for counseling.

The Emperor card meaning in Love:
In the context of love, the emperor tarot card represents a relationship with older men (considering that the person who wants to engage in the relationship is single and interested in men).

The Emperor card meaning in Career:
According to the emperor tarot card, the hard work and effort that you put into your career will reap your sweet fruits. You just need to stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

The Emperor card meaning in money:
When it comes to finances, the emperor tarot card suggests that you should manage/spend your money responsibly. Trust your gut and spend where and when you deem appropriate.

The Emperor card meaning in Health:
Health-wise, the emperor card signs that you should take care of yourself and not over-exert your daily activities. Keep your routine light and try not to engage in activities that will drain you out.

A reversed emperor card is the exact opposite of what was discussed in the first paragraph. A reversed emperor card represents laziness, procrastination, misuse of power, and inappropriate behavior.

The Emperor card reversed meaning in Love:
An emperor card being reversed in love means that there is instability within the relationship. Moreover, there is a misuse of power which leads to an unhealthy and unhappy relationship.

The Emperor Card reversed meaning in Career:
The emperor card being reversed in the career context would mean that one is not putting in the work and effort to achieve desired goals. This is mainly due to procrastination and inconsistency.

the high priestess

The High Priestess card constitutes the inherent qualities of inner wisdom. This means that all of us possess wisdom which is derived from mistakes and learning experiences. This tarot card also emphasizes the role of gut feelings and instincts when it comes to dealing with day-to-day situations.

The high priestess card meaning in love:
It’s natural for men to be attracted to women. However, an attractive woman may not be easily attainable for men. It will be difficult for a man to express his feelings to the woman he desires.

The high priestess card meaning in career:
The job that you’ve always dreamt of is slowly coming your way. In other words, you will soon be equipped with the knowledge that will lead you towards a successful career. Your creativity will also play a huge role when you start climbing the ladder of success.

The high priestess card meaning in money :
When you start earning a steady income, you should avoid disclosing it to friends and family. At times, people can often use such confidential information against you just for personal gain.

The high priestess card meaning in health :
Taking time out for the things you like to do is important. Sometimes you might feel like going for a walk, and at other times, you might feel like eating something scrumptious. Listen to what your mind requires and fulfill those needs as soon as possible.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in love:
It’s quite possible that you have an attractive personality that someone admires. But you don’t know if you should let this person into your life or not. You might start questioning their intentions which could lead to second thoughts.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in career:
A 9-5 job is not easy. It can make you feel as if you’ve drifted away from reality. You start to feel isolated and alone, which makes you unproductive and lazy.

The high priestess card reversed meaning in money:
Always think about your financial position before you borrow money from someone. Unless you’re certain that you’ll be able to repay the lending party, you should try to find another way to build up finance.

hermit tarot card

The Hermit Tarot Card generally represents accomplishments, wisdom, and authority. If you’re a wanderer, this card will help you in seeking the right answers.

The Hermit Card Upright Meaning
The Hermit card in upright position signals for introspection, contempt, and self-reflection. This card tells you that you should get out of the crowd and start spending time alone to explore yourself. It also points out taking a break from the daily grind. If you’re going through mental pressure, this is the right time to consult a psychiatrist.

The Hermit Card Upright Meaning in Love
Love is among the greatest mysteries of life, and your relationship with your partner often gets complicated at a certain stage. The Hermit card in upright position signals towards the soul-searching and necessity of spending some time alone for the betterment of the relationship. We can only treat or love the other person better when we know ourselves better.

The Hermit Card Upright Meaning in Career
If you’re putting maximum effort into your career and your full focus is on worldly pursuits, this card suggests taking a break for yourself, or you’ll soon lose the motivation to do work.

The Hermit Card Upright Meaning in Money
It’s time to realize that money and other materialistic things won’t bring your joy, satisfaction, and happiness. You need to divert your focus to yourself and start finding what you truly desire.

The Hermit Card Reversed Meaning
The Hermit card in reversed position represents loneliness, reclusion, rejection. It signals you towards self-examination to tackle your circumstances that can be in shape or continuous rejection or loneliness.

The Hermit Card Reversed meaning in Love
If you’re in a relationship and feeling distant from your partner, that is completely fine. All you need is some time alone to focus on yourself, working on your goals, and understand what you really want from this relationship and your partner. This will enable you to strengthen your relationship, and you’ll feel the true connection with your partner once again.

The Hermit Card Reversed Meaning in Career
It the time to start thinking straight about what you really want to do with your career or business. Suppose you’re finding a new job. This card signals realignment with mentors or wise people. If you’re already working somewhere, there card signals towards stop working with a team and be on your own. You might feel lonely, but this is the result better for your career.

The Hermit Card Reversed Meaning in Money
Now is the perfect time to take a big step after seeking advice or consulting someone for any business or job. This card signals towards the success that you’ll get a good return on investment or you’ll become further strong financially.

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Drawing Your Soulmate: Free Online Soulmate Sketch and Drawing

In your quest for understanding, you may also seek visual representations of your soulmate. Embrace the opportunity to draw your soulmate for free online or indulge in a soulmate sketch, which can evoke a deeper connection to the energy and essence of this special person. Let your creativity flow as you bring forth images that resonate with your soul’s desires.

Exploring the Depths: Free Psychic Soulmate Reading

Beyond tarot readings and artistic expressions, the realm of psychic insights awaits. Engage in a free psychic soulmate reading, where gifted individuals tap into their intuitive abilities to provide you with profound guidance. Delve into the intricacies of your soulmate connection and gain clarity on the emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects that bind you together.

The Idea of Twin Flame: 

According to romantic theories, not everyone is meant to discover their soulmate during their lives. Even if you marry someone who isn’t your soulmate, you can still have a wonderful and fulfilling life together. This is referred to as the Twin Flame by tarot experts. The term “twin flame” refers not just to a lifetime mate, but also to souls who do not arrive at the same moment as you. Some people meet their soulmates as children, while others meet for the first time in their adult lives. Every time we have an important lesson that demands us to emphasize, this Twin flame could either materialize in various forms or not at all to ensure that we do our work effectively. 

How Tarot Reading for Soulmate Work

Some of the most common questions that come to our mind when we go looking for our soulmate reading are: 

  • When am I going to meet my next soulmate?
  • Is this a man or a woman?
  • Is it possible that they’re twin flames?
  • What do we have in common from our previous lives?
  • What function do they play in my life?
  • I’m not sure how I’ll track them down.
  • What will our first impressions be?
  • Will they be a short-term or long-term fixture in my life?
  1. When Am I Going to Meet My Next Soulmate? 

The Star card has the greatest “spark” in this question of all the tarot cards. This card can be used on its own whenever it appears. Meanwhile, here are some other timing cards and their meanings:

  • On spring – Wands
  • Summertime – Cups.
  • Pentacles – Fall
  • Swords – Winter
  • Prominent arcana cards– on the major holiday (depending on one’s religion and beliefs).
  1. Is this a man or a woman?

The odd numbers in your card suggest that your soulmate is a woman, while an even number suggests that it’s a man. 

  1. Is it possible that they’re twin flames?

This question is usually answered no in a tarot reading. However, in some cases, it does, and this is shown when the star card appears. This isn’t scary, so don’t be alarmed. A twin flame isn’t always the person with whom you’ll share your entire life. Your chosen companion may be someone completely out of your league at times. It could either be someone close to you or someone you’ve just met for the very first time. 

  1. What do we have in common from our previous lives?

The two cards chosen to answer this question tell the tale of the asker’s connection with his or her soul mate in a nutshell. It tests the tarot reader’s ability to tell a tale using only the two cards available. The reader is not able to tell which card is which, regardless of what the cards are. Instead, she concentrates on the situation’s overall energies as depicted by the cards. She also considers the Karmic balancing requirements in that particular case.

  1. What function do they play in my life?

The cards depict the interaction between the investigator and the chosen soulmate when it comes to understanding their roles in each other’s life. Wands represent friendship, hearts represent lovers, pentacles represent soul mates, and swords represent adversarial connections, according to the suits of the cards. This card indicates that the other person’s chemistry irritates them.

  1. How Will I Track Them Down?

There are times when a standard interpretation is all that is required to understand the answer to this inquiry. The Knight of Cups, for example, emphasizes feeling and creativity as a path to love and heart. If the person meets his soulmate in a scenario where he is drawn into a unique outlook, something that can make a real difference in humanity, such as participation in a community activity.

  1. What Will Our First Impressions Be?

To answer this, it must utilize a conventional interpretation. There was always the risk of more intellectual bickering instead of tender emotional attachment in this situation.

  1. Will They Be A Short-term or Long-term Fixture In My Life?

The tarot reader will return to the suit indicators to answer this:

When it comes to a specific period:

  • A brief time – Minor Arcana-
  • For a long period –  Major Arcana.
  • One year – Swords
  • Two years – pentacles
  • Three years – Hearts
  • More years – wands

So, if we want someone to tell us who our soul mate is and we want to use the power of the tarot cards, we can cut the reading from nine to six, as follows:

  • Is this your soulmate? 

Yes (Major Arcana)/ No (Minor Arcana).

  • Is it possible that they’re twin flames?

The same interpretation of cards. 

  • What do we have in common from our previous lives?

The same interpretation of cards.

  • What function do they play in my life?

The same interpretation of cards.

  • I’m not sure how I’ll track them down.

The same interpretation of cards.

  • What will our first impressions be?

The same interpretation of cards.

  • Will they be a short-term or long-term fixture in my life?

The same interpretation of cards.

At various periods in our lives, we come into contact with various types of people. We can appear to others as anyone. Regardless, each of us has a unique story about a soul mate, and these individuals can have a profound impact on anyone’s life. These individuals are ideally fitted in various situations to deliver the best life lessons that no one else can provide. It’s wonderful to be enthusiastic while also being aware of them—where to find them, when to find them, and how to find them. We should know how to turn the lemons life give us into lemon cakes!

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