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The major arcana cards aka The Trump Cards are considered to be the most important and powerful cards in a tarot spread. They consist of 22 cards, 21 numbered cards and 1 card with no number ( the fool card) .  They are the base, core foundation of the tarot deck.  Each card is the reflection of  situations we encounter in our lives relieving a specific message and provides guidance for unanswered questions & unsolved problems. During the reading, We can come across common points between our circumstances in our real lives and those in the cards.  Rather than short term solutions, Major arcana cards usually give us long term direction . Each of the major cards have their own meanings. However, each Card  you draw before and after affects the meaning of your tarot card reading. So therefore, the meaning may differ depending on the combination of cards. 

Meaning of  A Major Arcana Card  In A Tarot Reading 

Major Arcana cards are always the core of your tarot reading.  The other cards’ meanings  will be related to the core Major Arcana card’s meaning. If most of the cards are made up of Major arcana cards it is an indication of life changing situations with long lasting effects in your life. There are lessons you can learn to make progress in your life journey. 

Meaning of Reversed Major Arcana Cards

If most of the Arcana cards are reversed, it may be an indication that you are either ignoring or refusing to learn from your past experiences.  Learning from past experiences is the key to move ahead in your spiritual life journey.

The Fool
The Magician
the magician
The High Priestess
high priestess tarot card
The Empress
the empress tarot card
The Emperor
the emperor tarot card
The Hierophant
Hierophant tarot card
The Lovers
the lovers tarot card
The Chariot
the chariot
strength tarot card

The Hermit
the hermit tarot card
The Wheel of Fortune
the wheel of fortune tarot card
justice tarot card
The Hanged Man
hanged man tarot card
death tarot card
temperance tarot card
The Devil
devil tarot card
The Tower
tower tarot card
The Star
star tarot card
The Moon
the moon tarot card
The Sun
the sun tarot card
judgement tarot card
The World

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